No "Standard Program"

I offer individual consulting and training services, effective and efficient, with exclusive material. Here are some examples from my portfolio:

Company seminars and workshops (external or on your site: negotiation training for buyers and other groups; self-management)


Individual coaching (negotiation practice for buyers and sellers; how to avoid stress and conserve your energy)

Consulting (negotiation techniques; procurement; management)

Additional resource: participate in or lead negotiations for your company; function as a purchasing manager for your company on a temporary basis

If you are interested in any of my services, I would be happy to discuss your individual requirements with the aim of developing a program specifically tailored to your company. All services are available in German and English language.

Strengthen your Resilience and your Personal Balance  

Self-Management aims at finding ones own way to advance in different competences and develop as a personality. Therefore collecting feedback from third parties is imperative. At the same time it means utilizing one's talents and opportunities, but it also means taking risks every once in a while. On this way to success, self-determination is extremely important; this requires willpower and energy – and the knowledge of certain basic rules.

These efforts will reduce stress and overwork which can lead to both mental and physical problems. Achieving a well-balanced work-life balance through sustained and prudent use of your personal energy as well as a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for living an active and satisfied life. This requires the knowledge of basic cause and effect principles; many of the topics involved are applicable to new entrants, middle management and top positions as well. Guido Wenski Consulting can advise senior executives as well as employees how to wisely deal with their personal resources. Not only will they benefit – but you, the employer, will do so as well.

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