Improving in Technical Negotiations

Negotiating means nothing else but achieving a balance of interests between two parties – in other words, to identify the overlap in their requests through communication with the goal of reaching an agreement satisfactory for both sides. Good results are also sustainable for the most part. However, usually the party with the better negotiation skills has an advantage.

Purchasing Negotiations

Every Euro the Purchasing Department saves is directly affecting net profit of the company. Professional negotiations between buyers and sellers therefore require thorough preparation and consequent execution according to established rules, as well as the utilization of available negotiation power. The necessary craft to become a good negotiator can very well be learned.

After many years as a negotiator and purchasing manager in the chemical and semiconductor industry, I am well grounded in this area, as well as in other technical fields and industries. A well-trained B2B buyer is able to buy anything! In my seminar program the buyer learns in a systematic way practice-oriented negotiation. Already after a two-day training, measurable negotiation success for the benefit of your company is to be expected.

Sales Negotiations

Most providers of negotiation training for sellers reduce the exciting world of dealing with customers to simple sales talks, also known as "pitches". And quite often it is not sufficiently differentiated between negotiating a highly complex industrial project and a sale in a hardware store. In technical sales and marketing, however, the seller has to master much more than providing sales arguments and dealing with objections.

The key to success rather lies in creating a long-term, constructive relationship with key customers and to work out the best possible solution for mutual benefit. Negotiations between customers and suppliers, buyers and sellers are an extremely manifold field. In the seminar you will be made familiar with negotiation phases, strategy and tactic, negotiation power and many related topics.

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