Negotiating means nothing else but achieving a balance of interests between two parties – in other words, to identify the overlap in their requests through communication with the goal of reaching an agreement satisfactory for both sides. Good results are also sustainable for the most part. However, usually the party with the better negotiation skills has an advantage.

A negotiator and especially a buyer must be aware of many aspects impacting a successful negotiation that go beyond the established sequence Preparation – Negotiation – Post-processing. These individual aspects have been merged by Guido Wenski Consulting to a integrated negotiation concept for achieving sustainable agreements. Goal-oriented preparation, mastering essential Dos and Don’ts and a proper follow-up are the basics – but knowledge in body language, intercultural negotiations, legal aspects, game theory, psychology and many more fields will pave the way to success. This concept will also help your company to add to the success of the next negotiations.